Team Translation, Perugia, Italy

The Company

Team Translation boasts: "1. High quality is our top priority! 2. We work exclusively with 1626 mother tongue translators, all highly qualified! 3. Extremely fast delivery times!" in addition to promising the lowest prices possible because they have "fewer fixed costs."

Their corporate information is:

Team Translation
Marian Vlad
Corso Garibaldi 236
Perugia, PG, 06135

The History

NOTE: On July 2, 2009, Team Translation sent the following job announcement to the Proz job board:
Seeking in-house IT>EN translator for long-term position.

- salary: 1000 euro net/month
-8 hours per day
-5 work days per week
-15 cartelle of 1500 characters to be translated on a daily basis

The translator we seek must have a very pleasing literary style. The texts we translate our distributed on famous websites, and as a result we cannot accept errors of any kind. We require wide experience in the world of translation.
The offer, in other words, is for 15 cartelle/day (approximately 22,500 characters or 4500-5000 Italian words each day) for a salary of €50 per day or (€3.33/cartella or something around 1 cent per word).

It’s worth noting that the original announcement read “Il traduttore scelto, dovrà avere uno stile letterario molto piacevole.” Despite the fact that Team Translation “cannot accept errors of any kind,” the sentence contains an error: the comma between the subject “traduttore” and the verb “dovrà.”

On the Proz “Blue Board,” the company has a “likelihood of working again” rating of 3 (out of 5) over the last 3 months, and 3.7 overall.


  1. Hello,
    Yes these guys are shady. I had been talking with them and did a 1 pager for the Vlad character. It is safe to say, just by his listings and emails, that he doesn't speak Italian. I called and spoke with him and he couldn't hold a conversation and passed me to his assistant. They pay 8E a page for 1500 words per page docs. I told him to keep his 8 euros and then he proceeded to slam my work. These guys are all the same! AVOID working with these eraser-heads...

    David Gower-Spampinato
    +1 812 325 2024

  2. I just checked their rating on and it's actually quite good. How can this be? I guess the ones who give their ratings accept very low rates

  3. I worked for them too. Vlad it such an ignorant pig! He sent me the payment obviously very late and only after many many reminders, deducting bank fees (8% of the total amount!!!!). When I told him to pay the difference, since we agreed a net price he said: "dai, se non ti volevo pagare non vedevi un soldo" I told him that he does not have the "power" to decide whether to pay translators or not, he is obliged to! I will tell you what they do, they did with me too....They publish the job as Team Translation and when you deliver they would ask you to submit the Invoice to Wikitrado in Cyprus and when you ask for your money they will say: Hey, we are not Wikitrado, go to the guys in Cyprus who gave you the job. I sware this is true! Unbelievable but true!!!

  4. Do you want to know why they have good rating on Proz? Because Proz removes bad comments! It just happened with mine! They said I cannot say what I said (about giving you the job as Team Translation and asking you to submit the invoice to Wikitrado, which is the truth), I sent to Proz their emails providing proof of what I was saying and they would not put back into place my comment. I told Proz I will tell my colleagues how they work. They cannot remove comments where you warn your colleagues how bad they are. Do they pay them for this or what?!!


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