101translations/Adverbage Ltd.: The *uck of the Irish

Does the Ireland-based 101translations, "a division of Adverbage Ltd.," employ Cruella De Vil, as its name would suggest?

Maybe not, but Giovanni Giusti, Deirdre Nuttall, and Bellinda Zabcic clearly have a bone to pick with translators.

In their 22 March 2010 job posting on ProZ.com, they start out with this cheerful greeting:

"Important! Before you complain about the rate please read on."

The rate, in fact, is abominable and complaints are more than justified -- but not solely for the cash involved (paid in 101translations' local currency: peanuts).

The offer is additionally outrageous for the gobbledygook that follows:
"[Y]ou should only apply if you have ALREADY TRANSLATED this content for someone else and you only need to change the data for us, as we will need the translation of all the fields, even those that are not filled in - and those are the vast majority."
I'll admit it. I couldn't swear to be able to tell you exactly what that means. Perhaps the sentence was machine translated.

Still, the gist is clear: "This job is available only if you can do a pre-translation with a CAT tool that contains all of the terms in our text (though the translator can't possibly know in advance what those terms are) and, thus, are prepared to accept the super-discount that we have already included, for your convenience, in the price indicated below."

Note, meanwhile, that the document to be translated is a .pdf scan, which means that the translator must first perform an OCR on the scan (followed by the manual correction of all the errors in character recognition that typically result). Only at that point can the document be used with a CAT tool.

I'm with 101translations, though. Don't complain. Abstain.

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  1. Tell them the rate is fine but that they have to pay a (large) commission on the intellectual property that they somehow think they have an inalienable right to.


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