The British Centre - Jesi (AN), Le Marche: UPDATE!

The Company

British Centre of Jesi says it has been in business since 1977 -- though it still hasn't translated its own website into English.

See my posting of January 8, 2008 for addition information.

What follows is proof that often there is no shame where most it ought to flourish.

The History

On March 11, 2008,
Max Frangioni (jamax28@aol.com) sent me the following private message:

i have a project 2900 words, word file, about wine fair.
delivery tomorrow 4pm wednesday 12th march.
total offered 118 usd.

This quote (for roughly 12 cartelle) works out to something like $9 per cartella or $0.04 per word.

Even the Indians pay better.

I contacted the company to complain (bitterly) about this offer and their repeated efforts to break the market, and Mr. Frangioni responded that he was reporting me to Proz.com (where he had harvested my address) for my lack of professionalism.

Yes. Mine.

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