_TL: Indian Outsourcers: Off-Shoring with a Vengeance

See more on high-quality India English on the "Inglisc: Mèd Een Eetaly" site:
… maybe this explains why they only pay translators $0.01 a word.

.025 cent
per source word:

Adith Multilingual (Chetan Kumar),, Bangalore, India - Posted on the "Go Translators" list: "Italian to English Translation work of approximately 1,00,000 words."

.015 cent per source word:

Shakti Enterprises (Amit Shirodkar),, Mumbai, India - Posted on the "Go Translators" list: "We are looking out for a translator ( Italianto English ). We have around 100 + words to be translated in English. We can pay you immidiatly on recieving the translation through paypal. TOTAL: 15.00 USD."

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  1. Adith has been banned for "usual" nonpayment practices from both ProZ and TranslatorsCafé.
    These practices were common since 2004 at least.


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